The Council Member Role

What makes a Council Member

The Council Member Role

Council Member

What does a Council Member do?
  • Encourage discussion

    Encourage discussion about causes of concern.

  • Table ideas

    Bring causes to the “table” for voting.

  • Vote

    Decide on what cause will be actioned.

  • Mentor

    Promote the message and objectives of ANCOP.

How do I become a Council Member?

An ANCOP Council Member is a person of integrity, regardless of their history or background.

ANCOP Council Members will be nominated by their freedom groups to represent them at the "table" to vote on the issues that ANCOP is going to focus on. 

This individual will NOT necessarily be the president of the freedom group.  It can be anybody the freedom group puts forward.  It is up to YOUR group on who that will be.

As the ANCOP community grows, we need representatives of the freedom groups this community represents to vote on the things we want to address as Australian Patriots.

Any member of the ANCOP community can put forward ideas, which will be discussed as a collective and voted upon by the Council members. This is not some sort of “one man band”, it is about uniting and creating safety and strength in numbers.

To prevent doing lots of things poorly or with little or no effect, we want to get the top ideas, work them together and then have ALL THE PATRIOTS execute them. 

To ensure we have the right common goals and the things that matter NOW we need YOU as a Council Member.

As a Council member your role is to:

  1. Encourage your group members to raise community concerns and encourage discussion about these within your freedom group and the community.
  2. Table these community concerns for the Council to consider (eg. enter them in our system)
  3. Be the spokesperson for these community concerns and clarify upon request.
  4. Vote on what the next immediate actions for ANCOP will be.
  5. Promote the workings of the ANCOP organisation.

Freedom groups who join ANCOP have an opportunity to be listed in the ANCOP directory and provide artwork to go with their listing.  They may also like to nominate a person to represent them on the Council. 

The person nominated will have demonstrated experience in the four pillars that make up a Council Member.

  • Encourage discussion
  • Table ideas and concerns  
  • Mentor teams
  • Being an informed and respected member of your community 

The candidate will be contacted by the ANCOP Council to have an interview. 

Once their membership is agreed upon by the current Council Members, they will be welcomed into the Council.

I am a Council member now what?

Once you are a Council Member:

  1. Attend every ANCOP Council meeting or provide a representative.
  2. Get involved in the ANCOP Council discussions.
  3. Monitor the Council forum for new ideas and provide explanation on your ideas. 
  4. Report back to your Freedom Group.
  5. Report back to the Council.
  6. Keep the conversation going.