The Affiliate Role

What makes an Affiliate Role

Affiliate Member

What DOES AN Affiliate Member DO?
  • Supports the Council

    Support your Council Member and collaborate with other Affiliates.

  • Compile Actionable Packages

    Work together with other Affiliates to create actionable packages for Community Admins to implement.

  • Table ideas

    Bring causes to the “table” for voting.

  • Promote

    Promote the message and objectives of ANCOP.

This is a person who has been recommended by an ANCOP Council member (generally within the same freedom group as the Council Member).

Affiliate Members work together to translate the Council's strategies into “actionable packages”. The Community Admins then communicate and implement the actionable packages with the Community Residents. 

ANCOP Council Members are focused on the big picture and creating the strategy to make ANCOP a success.  The Affiliate Members are focused on implementing that strategy on a national level and in a manner that the Council determines.

The Affiliates take the Council objectives and turn them into something that can be actioned by the freedom groups in an unambiguous way, that is consistent and timely across the whole of the country.  

Having an Affiliate Member who is part of the one or more freedom groups helps with creating contacts.  This person will also understand the “dynamics” of the freedom groups they are part of and as such can write and present the actionable package to that group in their “language”.

You as a Affiliate Member your role is to:

  1. Promote the workings of ANCOP and ANCOP as an organisation.
  2. Table ideas for the Council to consider (eg. enter them in our system)
  3. Compile actionable packages that your freedom group can understand, without changing the strategy objective and timing.
  4. Give feedback to Council as a whole or your “sponsoring” Council Member.
  5. Represent the Council Member if he or she is not available.
  6. Determine if we need a working group to work the “actionable package”.

How do I become an Affiliate Member?

Affiliate Members are chosen, and then invited, by their Council Member.  That is, they are “sponsored” by a Council Member.  

  1. Your Council Member will get five (5) codes that can be used to invite an Affiliate Member.
  2. Each Affiliate Member is connected to the Council Member.
  3. The Affiliate Member can only be connected to ONE Council Member. If that Council Member leaves the Council, the associated Affiliate Members will vacate their roles as Affiliates but may choose to become Community Residents.

I am an Affiliate Member now what?

On boarding:

  1. Once you receive your invite, use it to register on the site.
  2. Enter your details.
  3. You will be contacted in respect to what your “skills” are and how much time you can spend.

Day to day:

Once you are an Affiliate Member:

  1. Keep an eye out on announcements.
  2. Work on solutions by developing actionable packages.
  3. Report back to your freedom group
  4. Report back to the Council
  5. Keep the conversation going.

Actionable Packages, what are they?

Basically these can be seen as “operational plans” (i.e. the step before “marching orders”). We are not looking for big stacks of paper nor endless emails.  Think of it like a Project On a Page approach.

These packages are:

  1. Timely
  2. Simple and short.
  3. Unambiguous and do-able.
  4. ONE message for ALL in the language the recipient can understand.
  5. Quantifiable (more on that later).
  6. Optional, you can decide to participate or not to participate. It is a numbers game… the more the better.