Stop child vaccination (example)

The objective is to stop child vaccination at xyz community.

Stop Child Vaccination

It is brought to our attention that children are vaccinated at schools. After putting this to a vote the council has decided to action this item, as part of their anti vaccination strategy.

Stop Child Vaccination.

Message from council: We need to stop child vaccination. (Broad and ambiguous statement).

Process to create an actionable package:

  1. Determine definition of Child, are they 0-1 yr olds, what is the age group)
  2. Determine the recipients as in who are we “targeting”, parents, schools, grandparents, the children etc.
  3. Are different actions required for each of the recipients?
  4. Do we have enough time and people to do this.
  5. Who to use.
  6. What to use
  7. When to use.

The objective is to stop Child Vaccination from happening in and near our community xyz.

STOP CHILD VACCINATION actionable package Nov 2021


We targeting parents of children in the age group of 10-16 years, we do this on 1st of April (that is this Friday).

Mechanisms we going to use:

  • Protests at school time drop off and pick up (Ideally participants of that are parents of the school kids)
  • Social media messages.

Expected from you:

  • Organise your members to participate in School protests with methods as they see fit eg billboards etc, but must be respect full.
  • Publish a social media message, and publish the link in your (TAP) Satellite group for people to like or comment.
  • (TAP) Satellite group admins share each other’s social media link to create cross-like and comments (more is better on social media).


  • Members protesting at schools must be a parent of school-going kids and/or be accompanied by one.
  • Nice to have, work safely with children check for your state.

Report back:

  • Photo/stories/videos of the execution. With permission to post, we can do this via linking back to your site or posting on this site (this is still open for discussion on how we do that).

Links to social media sites.
Links to your group’s webpage and the like
Statistics… eg how many attended, how many police etc etc.