Community Resident Role

Community Members are the Boots on the Ground

Community Resident Role

Community Residents

The Responsibilities

What makes You a Community Resident
  • Compile Actionable Packages

    AP's are derived from the Council's strategies. AP's are created for Community Admins to Implement

  • Council Support

    Backing up your Council Member if they are not available.

  • Table Ideas

    Bring causes to the “table” for voting.

  • Promote

    Promote the workings of ANCOP

This is YOU, you are the Boots on the Ground. The community residents are the mum's, dad's, youngsters and elderly that stand united. They are the people you see on the street peace full claiming back our beautiful country. 

Installing community sense, trust and fairness for all. 

You as a Community Resident will be tasked to:

  1. Promote the workings of ANCOP and ANCOP as an entity.
  2. Peacefully perform activities that support or lead to our collective objective. 
  3. Look after your fellow resident by opening dialogue and trade. 

How do I become a Community Resident?

Council members are chosen, and then invited, affiliate members are no difference in regards to that process. The main difference is that the process can be shorter and the Council member is your “sponsor”.

  1. Your Council Member will get five(5) codes that can be used to invite an Affiliate Member.
  2. Each Affiliate Member is connected to the Council Member, this creates responsibility and we know “who is who in the zoo”.
  3. The Affiliate Member can only be connected to ONE Council Member. If that Council Member leaves the Council, so will the associated Affiliates (that can change but for simplicity this is how it works atm).

I am an Community Admin now what?

We working that out as we go.

On boarding:

  1. If you have already a telegram channel, we request to add ANCOP as admin.
  2. You will be contacted in respect to what your “skills” are and how much time you can spend.

Day to day:

We have not developed all the tools yet, but we will get there.

  1. Keep an eye out on announcements.
  2. Maintain the Telegram channels. .
  3. Report back to your Freedom Group
  4. Report back to the Council
  5. Keep the conversation going.