Community Admins Role

How it Works

Community Admins Role


The Responsibilities

What makes You a Community Member
  • Compile Actionable Packages

    AP's are derived from the Council's strategies. AP's are created for Community Admins to Implement

  • Council Support

    Backing up your Council Member if they are not available.

  • Table Ideas

    Bring causes to the “table” for voting.

  • Promote

    Promote the workings of ANCOP

This is an individual that is living in a geographical area that is uniting via a community structure.  

You have no problem with organising gatherings and will be responsible for the day to day working of the online Community Group. Currently we use telegram for that, but that can change. 

As the point of contact for your community you will be tasked to apply actionable packages to your community to achieve the best outcome. 

You as a Community Admin will be tasked to:

  1. Promote the workings of ANCOP and ANCOP as an entity.
  2. Table ideas (eg. enter them in our system)
  3. Manage the day to day Telegram Channel for your community.
  4. Translate the Actionable Packages to tasks and executions that are suitable for your community.
  5. Create awareness of issues in your community to the council. 
  6. Rally the troops.

How do I become a Community Admin?

Community Administrators are generally people who put their hand up to either to start or take over a community. When we talk about community, we refer to the Telegram groups that represent a geographical area. These areas are currently sectioned by Postcode, each Telegram Community can be made up out of one or more Postcodes, and they are considered fluent. 

  1. If you have a Telegram Community (TAP Satellite), and it is registered on the TAP website you can jump straight onto ANCOP and register your details.
  2. If you do not have a Telegram Community and you want one, then the process is to jump onto the website, register your interest and we will create a Telegram Community for you. 
  3. Once the Telegram Community is created we will make you an admin (you need a Telegram Account) after which point you are in charge of the day to day. 

I am an Community Admin now what?

We working that out as we go.

On boarding:

  1. If you have already a telegram channel, we request to add ANCOP as admin.
  2. You will be contacted in respect to what your “skills” are and how much time you can spend.

Day to day:

We have not developed all the tools yet, but we will get there.

  1. Keep an eye out on announcements.
  2. Maintain the Telegram channels. .
  3. Report back to your Freedom Group
  4. Report back to the Council
  5. Keep the conversation going.