Communities Explained

What is it and why is it important

Communities Explained

How they work

Communities explained
ANCOP community network
  • Communities

    Fix a global problem local. Educate, action and support.

  • Neutral businesses

    Support businesses that Let your Choice, be YOUR Choice

  • Encourage Services

    Encourage and support those who start local services and business.

  • Grow Local buy local

    Grow local, encourage and support local producers.

Communities exist in the virtual world via telegram groups and in the physical world via YOU as an actual person, unified with a common goal. We have discussed the Community Residents, in the context of taking action as events arise, but communities are so much more than that.

You have to understand that we talk about communities, and pessimists quickly dismiss them as a bunch of “hippies”, bong smokers etc (if that is how you want your community to be.. well Go for it, we not judging). It is something that for sure will come up. Communities a NOT that, for the simple reason that there will be people from ALL walks of life, regardless of background, opinion or even religion. All those things do not matter when it comes to collectively improve your lifestyle. Keep that in mind. 

With the troubles we see in the supply chain, finding businesses that are not “indoctrinated” by MSM and Medical Professionals that are willing, to let your decisions be your decisions. We see the physical communities almost like how townships were before the industrial revolution, without doing away with today’s benefits.

This is easier said than done, but small simple changes go a long way, not only to support your neighbour next door, have food grown local instead of centralised far away but, also support those businesses and services that let your choice be your choice.  

How do we do that?

This is where the virtual world meets the physical world, we have the tools such as telegram and we have the people such as yourself. We encourage you to use the telegram communities, to:

  1. Promote businesses that allow you to be YOU, and avoid those who are not. 
  2. Let members who are gardeners/farmers, and who might have access stock advertise this.
  3. Encourage and support service providers (teachers, doctors etc) to stand on their own and provide services in the community. 
It is truly that simple. 

The Vision, the tools and the results

Have an online/off-line mixture of business directory, trade board, job board and services directory, where community residents can freely trade and exchange. It will be focusing on community level, and allowing for cross Australia trade and exchange. 

We will introduce tools (subject to council approval) like: 

  • Business Directory
  • Job Board
  • Events Calendar
  • Buy, sell and swap

There might not be a need for these tools, as some communities are more than happy to do it off-line and/or use Big-Tech tools, and that is ok. If we do not need them, the better it is.