Where Patriotism Meets Alliance

Australian National Council of Patriots

Uniting for the betterment of Australia

If Australia is to continue and to grow as a nation of people that live in unity, liberty and safety for all who claim this land as their home, the people who stand for liberty and for lawful behaviour under The Almighty God and the genuine constitution of this land must unite. 

We cannot allow our differences or our ego to inhibit the creation of unified and lawful defiance of the criminals who have unlawfully forced our populous into servitude. We must stand together for the sake of the future, or there will be no Australia to call home ever again.

Who's Here

The ever-growing collaboration of Patriots

Enabling Collective Action

ANCOP community network

ANCOP is bringing all freedom fighter groups together, to enable collective action across all, as voted for by a Council. This Council is made up of nominated representatives from a collective of freedom fighter groups, that distributes actionable packages enabling an orchestrated approach to the actions.

The mechanism for this is the Telegram Groups that are structured by postcode, connecting patriots across geographical areas.

An Overview

Every action, no matter how small, has a ripple effect.  This picture symbolises the impact we will have when we align with a common purpose and unite as a community.  When we unite and act together, this will ripple out across the Australian landscape, fluently and peacefully taking back our country.   

Each circle also symbolises a continuous cycle of activities, reactions and improvements, centralising the decision-making and providing structured tools to the Australian community as a whole, for peaceful action to achieve our collective objective.

What's On?

Every event or rally, no matter how big or small ANCOP provides you the platform to announce it far and free.